Friday, March 23, 2012

Thursday, March 22, 2012


I was so happy walking into the hall and I was ready to dance with my team. Seeing all the other teams sitting up really to get points, I felt happy. Our host was Mr Bark’s. Respectronics was my team. I was so happy to dance and I felt a little bit shy but I still danced. After our team was done I was exhausted.

Then Mr Bark’s showed us a video of camp. After it was done Mr Bark’s gave an award to people who were good at activities. I got an award for being the best boxing champ. I was so happy at getting an award. My best team that I liked was the Respect Crew. We were so exhausted that when it was done we had to go back to our tents and I went to sleep.

Friday, March 2, 2012


On Friday my class and the school went on a picnic to the beach.The beach that we went  to was point England reverse.When we got there we all sit down on the grass. Then Mr Burt  said to us that we were not to go past the teacher. When Mr Burt  was done we all ran and put our bags on the grass. I was playing with my friend Kane. Me and Kane were playing cricket.

After playing cricket me and Kane went to the beach and went for a swim. Me and Kane were playing wrestling with Jesaih,James and Waata. Then Mr Burt  said that we had to get our so we did. Then Kane said that he was going to eat so I went with him.The year 6 boy wanted to play touch with the year 7. So I went to play with them and Kane went to play cricket again. Yes” we beat the year 6’s.The year 6’s were sad because the lose. but we said to them good game and the were happy.

After that Mr Burt said to pack up and we did and we went back to school and went home. THE END