Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Nz Clan

These are my best friend and we are the nz clan and we  will always be best friend forever and ever.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Netbook reflection 2012

this year with my netbook has been cool for me because I have enjoy going on my netbook. The most thing I like doing on my netbook is sometime game or doing math whizz.

The wireless last year was not but this year wireless is better much better than last year one. My netbook help me and I have learnt a lot on it what to and some other stuff.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Term 4 reflection

So term 4 has been cool for me because I have had lots of fun with my friends and teacher’s. I have enjoy term 4 because it was much more better than term 3,2,1. I have like lots of stuff that we had did this year.
When it is lunchtime and morning tea Me and all my friend always just lay back.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Manaiakalani Film festival

So happy to go to Sylvia Park because it fun at movie and you are with friends.

On wednesday our school went to sylvia park to the movie to watch other school movies. When we got there we hop off the bus and got into line. Then we started to walk to the movies. We had to walk up the step but I ran up. When we sat down I sat next to my friend waata and my teacher.

When all the school’s sat down then the light all turn off. When I was watching it I was eating chips. When our school movie play I cheer and then stop. After all the movie where finish we got back on the bus and  went back to school and went home.

My favourite movie was the One Direction East Syde Styles.  

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Athletics day

On thursday we had athletics day yes’’at last we have athletics. First we got into line, then we walk to the court and sat in our age group. My group is the 11 year old boys. Seeing my friend in my age make me happy.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Favourite Toy

My favourite toy is an Xbox 360 Kinect. I bought in 2010 at The Warehouse on Christmas day and it was for me and my sisters. When I got it I was so happy that I plugged it up to my big tv in the lounge and started to play it.

It was fun because my favourite game was kinect sports. You can play boxing, sprinting, bowling, ping pong, and lots more. My sister and I play other games, but my sisters favourite game was Dance Central. It’s when you copy the dance moves and you get lots of points and it was fun.

The price was $499.99 and it was lots of money but my dad still bought because he wanted to buy it for me and my sisters for Christmas. When I unwrapped it I was so happy that I was shocked.

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Bush

Once a upon time there were two people going out for walk on a cold and rain coming down from the sky. foggy don’t know which way to go.  

So cold walking through the tree and rain. Lucky I had a raincoat or it will of been so cold and wet I would been like a ice block. Walking through the bush walk and walking uphill, lots of bird high up in the trees making a lots of noise and some of then a flying around and some are looking for food.

It look like I was a person stuck in the a forest like two people vs wild. Trying to make it out of the forest. Will we make it out of the forest. Then they could see car and people driving them they make out of the bush and they lived happily ever after or did they

Friday, September 14, 2012

What If ....... I won a million dollars?

If I won a million dollars I would be rich and I would travel around the world and meet famous people that are rich too. I would buy lots of parts for my scooter and bmx bike and design them to look even better than before.

I would go with my family and see my grandmother and my grandfather who are in Rarotonga. That's pretty far from home and I can get home sick. 

I would be so happy if I won a million dollars for my family and I would donate some money to charity.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Life Caravan

I can’t believe what’s in cigarettes. Smoking is a bad idea. Room 21 went to the Life Caravan to learn how to make good choices. Our teacher was Lynne.

First Lynne said we had to make good choices. If people ask you for a smoke and are smoking around you,  you have to think about what it does to you.It’s stop’s you from breathing a lots better. And it makes you feel  by blocking up your bloodline and other stuff.

We leant a lots about making good choices,so your body can stay healthy for the rest of you live.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Cross Country

I was so happy for cross country that I got up at 7.00 o'clock in the morning and went for a run around the block. When I came back I packed my stuff and went to school. I felt good. I wanted the race to start right away because my body felt fresh.

Last week on Friday the 17th of August we had cross country. First the little kids went first. It took pretty long to wait and I got kind of bored. So I started to warm up and then I felt ok again. Then it was our turn to race and I had butterflies in my stomach. I was racing with the 11 year old boys.

I was ready to go and I felt happy. When we started Mr burt said on your marks get set go. I just jog but when I got to the end and I started to sprint. When I got the end I was so exhausted I went for a drink and we all done then it was home time  

Friday, August 17, 2012

Usain bolt

Warming up ready to race setting a new world record and showing people that they are good and getting a gold medal for their country. Usain bolt is unbeatable and he is from Jamaica and he is the fastest man in the world. Lots of people from other country alway cheer for him and like his family and his people.

Athletes to try to beat Usain bolt in the 100 meter and the 200 meter track and field and is 6ft 5 and even time he win he does his victory posing. And after the race the announced say who won race. First they start with 3rd to 1st Bronze 3rd, Silver 2nd, Gold 1st and when they are the win they play the national anthem.

Usain bolt winning a gold medal for his country, Jamaica and his family so happy when he gets home they will celebrating Usain bolt victory

Friday, August 10, 2012

Lorenzo basketball

I love playing basketball with my friends. I went on the courts on Thursday with my class room 21. The people that were taking our class were named Shae and Tai. First we warmed up. After we were warmed up we started to get into it. But first we got into teams. I was with Potaua, James, Waata and Kendrix.

Shae said to run with the ball to the cone and back and pass it to a person. But you had to dribble it and back. When your team was done you had to put your hands on your head. So exhausted I asked my teacher if I could go for a drink and she said “yes”. After  I was done I ran back to do the next thing and it was a game.

One game was you had to put the ball up in the air and and your teammate takes it. The person at the end gets it and they run to the front. When we were done we had to pack up and we had to say by to Shae and Tai. I can’t wait until the next lesson.  

Friday, August 3, 2012

Phelps gets beaten!

Michael Phelps coming 2nd and getting beaten from Chad le Clos by touching  the wall before Michael Phelps and winning a gold medal for South Africa. Chad beat his hero in the 200m butterfly event. In 2nd place was the USA and 3rd place was China winning bronze.

So happy winning a gold medal Chad le Clos started to cry and his mum and dad were so proud of him and they started to cry too. Then they played the South African  anthem. Singing to it was Chad le Clos. After the anthem was done they walked around the swimming pool taking photos and throwing their flowers out to the crowd.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

London Olympics

The Olympics is about unity of the world’s best athletes to compete against other people. This year, 2012, the Olympics are going to be held in London on the 30th of July. Lots of famous athletes are competing in it like Usain bolt, Shawn Johnson, Michael Phelps and much more.

There are lots sports in the Olympics like boxing, track and field, basketball and lots more. The first Olympics marathon was hosted in 1896. A Greek runner won the marathon and his name was Spiridon Louis.

When the Olympics start I want Usain bolt to win the 100 meter and the 200 meter sprints because Usain bolt is the fastest man in the world. He is my role model.

Friday, July 20, 2012

My holiday highlight

In the holidays me and my family went to the movies to watch the amazing  spider-man because it was my mums birthday. We watched it in 3D. It was amazing because it looked like you were in the movie and it was so cool. After the movie was done I went to go play on a game in the game-zone place. Then I started to get bored so we went to go get ready to go to Genkis Khan for my mums birthday.

When we got there so much people were there and got started to hunt for food for me to eat for dinner. First I picked pork, beef, chicken and then I put it on the table and chief cooked it for me to eat. So nice I went to go get me some pancake. They made me a big one and that looked tasty. When he put it on my table I ate it all up and I was full. 

After that we got full and we went to bed and it was the best day. 

Maths Whizz

This week I only spent about 20 minutes on Maths Whizz.

Friday, June 29, 2012


My special place is my bedroom. I like my bedroom because I can relax on my bed and play my Xbox 360. The artist I chose was Henri Matisse. So I had to use bright colours in it because its Henri Matisse style. I used lots of bright colours like yellow, light blue, and lots of other bright colours.
I like my bedroom because I get to do nothing   I feel safe. There is a little TV in my room and there are two beds in my room. There is a medium size couch in my room. I share my room with my sister. Her name is Cheylon. My drawing has patterns on the wall with bright colours on it. And I put a carpet on it with a pattern on it.


Monday, June 18, 2012

Jimmy and Lala

In a land far far away there were two little kids named Jimmy and Lala. They saw a huge red door that took them to the underworld with a dangerous scary devil named Joe. He was the most powerful immortal ever in ancient history. It was because of his most powerful toes that had the Ability to run faster than Usain Bolt. The Next day Jimmy and Lala woke up in a mysterious castle. All they saw was lots of guns full of ak47s, RPG’s, and desert eagles. It was only Jimmy and Lala talking on the devil at MW2. Jimmy grabbed out the RPG and try to get Joe, but he was too fast. The Devil got out a ak47 and started shooting Jimmy. Lala only needing one shot to win this game. In Fact Lala was so Angry that she turn ultimate Hulk and started manny pacquiao the devil. The game was over with Jimmy and Lala becoming the most powerful little kids in ancient history now.

The next morning Jimmy and Lala were hungry. So Jimmy had to hunt so they can survive on food and water. 7 hours been passed and still Jimmy and Lala have found no food. Later on a miracle happen. All the superheroes came, Hulk, Spider Man, Thor, and all the Marvel and Dc character. They all had a feed together to Celebrate the death of the Devil, Joe. Soon Enough a bright light came and woke up Jimmy. It was a god. “come alone Jimmy” Zeus said. He went off leaving Lala behind so he can save the world from becoming a dirty trash. Lala was left alone afraid that something bad was going to happen.

Later on Lala and the avengers were on a mission to find one of the most horrible men Smoke, and Ryder. They were both heading towards the jets to make a run away. One second, Iron Man came out of nowhere and blew up the jet. The world was saved from Jimmy. And that was the ending of the story. “what what what” I forgot to tell you something Jimmy and Lala both got married to each other.

Thursday, May 31, 2012


Filled with excitement I was ready to learn a sport called Kiwi kick or AFL. It is a Australian sport.. We had to learn how to play. We learnt how to pass the ball and learnt how to kick the ball.

There was lots of things we learnt. But there was this thing called laces away from faces. Our coach was Sam but he said to call him Sandwich.  Then sam asked if we wanted to  play game call octopus but with a ball and we said yes.

Lots of game we play. After that we play we had to go back to class for home time.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Taonga Time

Every Friday all of the year 8s and 7s do Taonga time. There are 7 groups. I’m with Ms Va’afusuaga the sports teacher. We mostly play games out on the hard court or field. It is great exercise.

Last week Ms Vaafusuaga was sick so we stayed in class and went on Maths Whizz. It was an alright time.I like going to Ms Va’afusuaga because I like playing  sports. She always takes us out to play a game or we talk about NRL.  

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Van Gogh and Matisse

We are learning about the art of very good painters. The artists names were Van Gogh and Henri Matisse. Their paintings are very bright and kind of dark. They had different  styles of art.

First I looked at Van Gogh's painting. His painting  was a sunflower. The colours that he used were yellow, brown,black and orange but lots of yellow for brightness. Some of the sunflowers looked dull and dead.

Room 21 did Matisse art first. His was call La Musique.The painting had two ladies in it one was playing a guitar and I think the other one was have a time and a big plant at the back. But the painting  had lots of bright colours that meant that he like to use bright colours. His painting was hard to copy but I still draw it.

Friday, April 27, 2012


On Friday my friend Potaua and I and his cousins took a train to town to go to Victoria skate park. When we got there we had to push our bike until we got outside. But we took the elevator instead of walking but we went to the wrong one. We were supposed to go to the one that was by the step so we had to go all the way back down and had to push our bike to the other one. When we got outside there were lots of people walking and driving and lots of police.

But we still went to the skate park. Lots of people got in the way so we start to bike on the road. Potaua's cousin lead the way to the skate park and we followed him. When we got there we were happy.Then Potaua started to do lots of tricks and I started to do tricks too. After we did that it started to get darker so we  started to bike back from town all the way back to Glen Innes. When we got back I brought some hot chips for Potaua and his cousin’s and me. When we were done we all went home.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Thursday, March 22, 2012


I was so happy walking into the hall and I was ready to dance with my team. Seeing all the other teams sitting up really to get points, I felt happy. Our host was Mr Bark’s. Respectronics was my team. I was so happy to dance and I felt a little bit shy but I still danced. After our team was done I was exhausted.

Then Mr Bark’s showed us a video of camp. After it was done Mr Bark’s gave an award to people who were good at activities. I got an award for being the best boxing champ. I was so happy at getting an award. My best team that I liked was the Respect Crew. We were so exhausted that when it was done we had to go back to our tents and I went to sleep.

Friday, March 2, 2012


On Friday my class and the school went on a picnic to the beach.The beach that we went  to was point England reverse.When we got there we all sit down on the grass. Then Mr Burt  said to us that we were not to go past the teacher. When Mr Burt  was done we all ran and put our bags on the grass. I was playing with my friend Kane. Me and Kane were playing cricket.

After playing cricket me and Kane went to the beach and went for a swim. Me and Kane were playing wrestling with Jesaih,James and Waata. Then Mr Burt  said that we had to get our so we did. Then Kane said that he was going to eat so I went with him.The year 6 boy wanted to play touch with the year 7. So I went to play with them and Kane went to play cricket again. Yes” we beat the year 6’s.The year 6’s were sad because the lose. but we said to them good game and the were happy.

After that Mr Burt said to pack up and we did and we went back to school and went home. THE END

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Always on a Thursday room 21 plays netball with our coach Liz. Me and my friend Joshua are always partners for netball. First we warm up by passing the ball to your partner. Then Liz said “stop passing the ball” and we all stop. Then Liz said that we had to get into a group of three. My group was Joshua and Mathew and I.

Liz said that we had to practice intercepting the ball for the other person by jumping in front of the ball and stealing it. After that we started to play a game called ball tiggy but you cannot move with the ball. When Liz said “go” we started to play ball tiggy.

After playing netball I felt tired and happy. Then Mrs Lagitupu said to line up to go back to class.

Friday, February 17, 2012

ith others like your  friends or family .
Participation means pAbout 40 chiefs signed the Treaty of Waitangi on the 6 of February 1840. By the end of the year about 500 other Maori including 13 women, had put their names or moko on the paper. While some had sign the treaty and others chose not to sign the Treaty at all.

The three P’s are called protection, partnership and participation
Protection means to protect your self and to protect other people.
Partnership means co-operating warticipating in things.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Going to the beach

On Sunday I went to the beach with my family .  We were going to the Point England beach. The tide was in, so it was the best time to go. I put on my sunblock  then started to bomb off the rocks. I did some staples with my dad, his bombs were way bigger then my but I'm just a kid. After that my dad went to go and get some hot chips and a pie at My Bakery in Glen Innes. My dad brought us back a big feed.