Monday, December 16, 2013

My Year in Room 19

This year I have been in Room 19 and that's the best class ever. Being in Room 19 has been great. I have enjoyed it this year. This is the last week of school.
lets it go with the flow. Sometime we can make her mad and we all get sacred, but Ms Tito is the best teacher.

It's my last year at Point England School. It's pretty sad because I don't want to leave this nice school. Saying goodbye to all my friends is kind of Ok. But I will miss all the teacher and helpers.

What I want for next year is to have good friends at collage and hope the teachers are cool and I can't wait till I go college.

Thursday, December 12, 2013


My netbook connect to the internet this year is great. The internet has help me on YouTube because I have learnt on YouTube how to install Mods for my games which I didn't know how to. 

And the internet has made thing faster to do because of our netbook it faster cause we don't need to use I our book we can just go on our netbook and do it. And I have learnt on my netbook that Rotorua smell like egg from searching it up on Google.    

My special thing that I have learnt with my teacher is learn Te Reo Maori. The thing is if you don't really know it you can just go on the teams website you can just learn it.

With my friends I have learnt from them how to play games and they have show me on my netbook how to do stuff and they help me on my netbook. The thing about friends is that they always help me. Managing myself on my netbook is sometime hard because I go off track sometime.

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was born in 1918 on July 18.Nelson Mandela was a south Africa. Nelson Mandela was sentenced to prison for encouraging black south Africans to go on strike and for leaving south Africa.

 He went to prison 5 August 1962. Nelson Mandela said I want to be treated like every black person. and he was treated like that. All Nelson Mandela had in his room was just a bucket as his toilet and the ground was his bed. Nelson Mandela stay in prison for 27 year and he was on let out on 2 February 1990. 

He was let out by the police. When Nelson Mandela was let out Nelson Mandela and his wife walk thought the town and everybody was happy that Nelson Mandela was release from jail after being in jail for so long. After Weeks Nelson Mandela went to try to become president of South Afica. After some week Nelson Mandela was chooser to be the president of South Afica and Nelson Mandela was the first black person. 

As Years went by Nelson Mandela was getting old. In 2013 Nelson Mandela was very old he was 95 year old and Nelson Mandela ended up in hosptial being very sick. After weeks Nelson Mandlea was let out of the hosptial. When Nelson Mandela was at home he was stil very sick and one night Nelson Mandela die by age. 
In Memory Of Nelson Mandela. 

Monday, December 2, 2013

Three highlights of my year

My First Highlight:
FiaFia is my first highlight cause I was in the Maori group, it was a lot of fun and it was cool performing in front of people. It was a experience for me because I got to learn moves that are in Maori and the word.

My Second Highlight: 
Touch is my second highlight cause I was in the Year 8 touch team with all of my friends. Our coach was Mr S and he was a Great and a coach that want to win anything. We came second out of all of the school and that was great.

My Third Highlight

KFC is my last highlight and KFC means Kids Fitness Club. Every morning we do training and its so cool  

Friday, November 22, 2013


Kia Ora tatou
(Greeting to you all)

Ki tenei huihuinga
(To this gathering)

Ki te ako I te reo Maori
(To learn the maori language)

I te aroha
(the Love)

Ka nui te koha
(great is the happiness)

Mo to koutou kaha
(for your support)

Ki te aro mai
(in attending

Ki te awhina
(to support / help

I te reo Maori
(the Maori language)

E pai ana ki tenei kura
(concerning this school)

Friday, November 15, 2013

My First Day Of School

Walking out the front door I felt so nervous to be starting school. My Dad was telling me not to be nervous or shy because school is fun, and my Dad said to enjoy your self. As soon as I got to school Seeing all of the kids running around like crazy chicken I was like Wow.

When I got out of the car my Dad took my to my class, The bell started to make a loud (DING DING DING DING!!!), I was very amazed by the sound of it.

When I got to class all of the kids were looking at me and I was very shy, My teacher said to everybody this is Lorenzo and everybody said(GOOD MORNING LORENZO). I was so happy that they all said that and that made me more confident in myself.

My teacher name was Mrs George. She was cool and every friday we would go play games on the school field, the games that we would play Duck Duck Goose, What's the time Mr Wolf and more.


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Shark Finning Banned

Minister Nick Smith made the announcement on a Wellington beach over the weekend.To ban people from swimming  New Zealand waters under New Zealand governments rule.Dr Smith said sharks might not be as cuddly as kiwi people say or as just cute like dolphins. But they are very importance in parts of the world , they are one of the marine diversity. There Are over a 113 different specially sharks around New Zealand .  Well the government is still working on the propes of the sharks being a third to the all the people.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Me and Cousin

This morning we had 40 minutes to write about anything we wanted. From this we are going to set some writing goals for the term. Here is what I wrote

Shooting all my cousin on GTA 5 one by one they started to get angry. In the holidays I just played minecraft and GTA 5 with friends and cousin. Joining my friends land on Minecraft ,I was like Wow that Awesome” what a cool house,and then watching my cousin play GTA 5 on Xbox 360, my cousin and I felt like game freaks.

After playing games we all ha break from playing games for just nearly 2 days, So we just went to the park then we went to the Glen Innes Pool because it was a very nice day and it was hot and it was a good day for a swim.

Boom!!!!! my cousin did a big V-bomb and the lifeguard told him to get out and was for 10 minutes and then he could swim again, We were laughing at him and he was too. After that we got so hot chips from the shop.

That afternoon my friends and cousin’s had to go home and it was fun week.


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Where I'm From

(My Life)
where I’m from boxing is everything
Where I’m from tko is good
Where I’m from family is the best
Where I’m from dog’s all way bark
Where I’m from my dad is my idol.

(Glen Innes)
Where I’m from GI is place where you see a lot of people walking around with there friend's and family.
You can smell the nice food at Mcdonald,Carl’s Jr and KFC.
lot's of time you see car’s passing by and playing loud beat's.

(Pt England School)
Where I’m from I see teacher teaching their student
Where I’m from at morning tea and lunch time my friends and I always play touch.
Where I’m from I always like going out for P.E Sport’s
Where I’m from Pt England is the best school

Where I’m from every day I am always training for boxing
Where I’m from every sunday I run up Mt Wellington at 3:00pm
Where I’m from fighting in the ring mean’s every thinks to me

Where I’m from I see lots of people shopping at Pak’N’Save
Where I’m from I see worker’s working hard for money
Where I’m from People tolley’s are always full

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Going to Rotorua for boxing

So happy to go to Rototua for my boxing championship. Got up at 5:00 Oclock in the morning to go to my trainer house and then from there we go to Rotorua. When we left to go to Rotorua i was feeling a bit sick, so we pull over and had a break.

 After that I felt better again then we left and it took 2 hour and 30 min to get there. When we got there all my friends at boxing was there waiting for me. I was fighting at the Cook Island hall at Rotorua.

I had to go do my weight for my boxing fight, My weight was 41.0 Kg, And that the weight i was see posed to be and I was happy. When I had fishish I went to buy me so food, I brought sushi and it was very nice. I came back to the Cook Island Hall and just waited to see what number my fight was. My number fight  was number 14.

3 hour after that I had to warm up and get ready for my fight. So After the 13th fight I had to go to the ring and wait by the side. When the 13th fight fishish it was my turn.

 When I got in the ring i was very nervous. When the bell ring I rush in there and just started puching the Boy, Still puching the Boy I was starting to  get very tired and I stop puching, When I was not tired anymore I started puching again, Then boom I  knockedout the boy, ( 1......2.....3.....4.......5) the boy got back up and then we started fighting again. then the ref stop the fight. I was so happy that I jump up in the air.

After  my fight I went to go and got some food and then I stay at a hotel. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Rainbow Warrior Bombing

In the 1980 France was carrying out nuclear weapons tests on  small islands in the South Pacific. Greenpeace was preparing to visit Mururoa in French Polynesia to protest about France’s nuclear testing.   

It was a cold night in Auckland, not long before the Rainbow Warrior was due to set off. People from Greenpeace were moored on their ship, the Rainbow Warrior at Marsden Wharf, having a party. Little did they know that two French spies in scuba gear had planted two bomb on the hull of the Rainbow Warrior. One bomb was put on the engine room and the other one was in the propellor.

Suddenly they heard a sound from the water, it  was the bomb that exploded, Then Peter lo,km /.Willcox said ( Abandon ship, Abandon ship,  Abandon ship). After a while police tracked down the two spies and arrested them.       

Friday, August 30, 2013

Rosa Parks history

On the 1st of december,1995 Mrs Rosa Parks was waiting at the bus stop after her hard day at work.Rosa parks worked really hard to earn a lot of money but only ever earned a short amount of money.Finally the bus had arrived the 2 big doors opened and she had hoped on the bus and paid her ten cents like a normal person would do.

When Rosa Parks had sat down she was relieved to sit down and rest on her way back home.As the bus was going it stopped and a white man borded the bus and had paid his fair.The bus driver had asked the black people to stand up and give up there seats,so everyone stood up and headed towards the back except for Rosa Parks she had refuesed to move.

Rosa parks had been arrested for Noncompliance,but her history of civil rights still stands.
When the news had spread about what had happened to Rosa Parks every black person were shocked and worried for her.MLK (Martin Luther King Jr) a new minister in the town of Montgomery was known as the new leader for African American Boycott.Temptation for the law of segregation to be changed.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Cross Country Fun Run 2013

On Thursday 22th our school had Cross Country Fun Run. I was so happy to run because I like running and that my friends and I were going to run together. Cross Country started at 12:30 after lunchtime.

 All line up in our age group, and all of the House captain and the colours were yellow,blue,red and green and they all sang a song.

 After that was all over the little kid's  started first. Little child's line up ready to race and be the winner. Mr Burt said (take you marks...... get set........ GO!!!!!!!) and all of the little kids shot off FAST!!!. After they shot off I went for a walk to warm up my leg. When all of the kids finish and it was was my turn to race. I line up ready to sprint as fast as Usain Bolt.

  Mr Burt said (take you marks...... get set........ GO!!!!!!!) I ran fast like it was 100 metre, when I saw my friend in the front I quickly sprinted up to then and they saw me and they waited for me. When I got up to them they were tired from sprinting, But I was not. My friend and I set goals our goals was to past everybody and we did. Nearly at the finish line I sprinter my hardest and I beat my friends.

I felt very great after the race against my friends good race in my life.    

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Movie Reflection

Our movie was based on love. We did love in Maori and which is spell Te Aroha, The movie is about a boy that writes Te Aroha all over the school but people take it off. So the boy keep's writing up Te Aroha and so the same thing keep's happening. One day the boy woke up and he think about Te Aroha...... Then bang he got it. He tattoo's it on he's arm and then it stay their forever and ever.

Friday, August 9, 2013

If I Were Black

HURRY UP CLEVELAND MUM AND DAD ARE WAY UP AHEAD,” I yelled. I hoisted Cleveland onto my shoulders and rushed through the crowd to find mum and dad. They were holding up some signs saying, “Equality for Blacks”. We finally found them halfway through the chanting groups of black and white people. While we marched, me and my little brother Cleveland were chanting with pride and hope.

My name is Omar. The year was 1963 and we were in Washington D.C. marching to make things equal between the black and white people. When we reached the Lincoln Memorial the march was over. Everyone gathered round eager to hear what Martin Luther King had to say

“I say to you today, my friends, so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream,”Martin Luther King’s voice was loud and clear speaking out to the crowd of thousands. He was very inspiring.

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Mine Craft is a game that you can build whatever you want whenever you want. There are some things like Zombies, Creepers and Skeletons with a bow and arrow and a cave spider. It is so far the most popular game on a computer. There is a website that you can go on and its called

I spend about 10-15 minutes on it. It is cool because I learn a lot of new things while i’m playing it. It is enjoyable and my brothers and I love to play it. You should buy it and they play and you will maybe like it. Have a Mine craft day

Monday, July 8, 2013

The Prospective Student

Three Little Evil Pigs

Once upon a time there were three evil little pigs and a big good wolf. The three pigs owned houses. A straw house (the littlest pig’s) a hay house (medium pig’s) and a brick house (largest pig’s house).

One day the smallest pig tried to set the wolf up by telling him to come in and to blow down his hay house. The pig said it was to old and it needed to come down. But really the pig planned to set him up so that he would get the insurance. In one big blow to  the hay house it was flattened to pieces.  

Next the little pig took him to his brother’s house made out of sticks.The little pig secretly told his older brother all about his plans to get insurance. Then the pigs told him to blow the stick house down to because it was old and broken. So the wolf huffed and puffed and blew his house down.  

When he was done blowing down his house the brothers took the wolf to their oldest pigs brick house.When they got there they told the oldest pig their plan to get insurance. All the brothers told the wolf to go and blow it down so the wolf huffed and puffed and blew and blew and blew but the house didn’t fall down.

The pigs got so angry that they decided to invite the wolf inside the brick house, murder him and burn down the house. Their plan was to say it was the wolf that did it and that they only killed him because he tried to kill them.

So they did it and that was the end of that.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Training for the fun run

This term we have been running 2k's around the Point  England reserve. So far my personal time is 10.52 second's . I have really enjoyed the Fun run because It make you fit & gets you ready for the 5k that we are doing at the end of the term.  I can't wait till the fun run start 

league practise

On Thursday we go out to the field or hall for league practise it is really cool. We've been learning how to do to kicks grubber kick and punt, also learn how to catch the ball. We play games before a practise session every time we go.

I have been enjoying the fitness and games we've been doing for the last few weeks. I can not wait until this Thursday coming up.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Math Whizz

I like Math Whizz because it is fun and it's helping me with multiplication and other stuff. The last thing I did on Math Whizz was about Time. You have to move the arrow's around and you have to copy what was on the timer. 

The thing I like about Math Whizz is when you Finnish a task on Math Whizz you get money and with that money you can go to the Whizz shop and buy yourselves pets or toys for your bedroom but it's not a normal room its a virtual room.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

You will never know who came to our school . . is a hip hop star who used to sing with the Black Eyed Peas. He presented the Manaiakalani Education Trust with a check for $100 000 to put towards learning! This money will be shared between the schools in the Manaiakalani cluster and help us to become more and more clever in this digital world!! We are so thankful 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Lorenzo Reading Reflection Log 2013

The book I am reading this week is Astrosaurs Academy. This book is about Teggs Stegosaur which is the main character in the book. This book is about Teggs Stegosaur is a pupil at the Astrosaurs Academy where all astro-cadets go to complete their training. He hope to become an ASTROSAUR one day but now he has classes to attend, missions to complete and lessons to learn. I like this book because it's cool and it fun to read it. Can't wait to read more

What My Friends Say About Me

On the last day of  term 1 , our class had to put on piece of paper on our back. Them we had to walk around the class and so of our  friends in our class could write some positive thing about them. After that we looked at our paper's and were surprised what  people wrote about us.

Three of the things that somebody wrote about me, was that I like how your so fast, your pretty and I love it when you share you sushi. I was very surprised what my friends wrote about me. 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fiafia 2013

For the past 5 week we have been practicing for Fiafia. An on the 18th on Thursday we are going to do the haka in front of all our family and friend.

I'm in the kapa haka group, we have little kids in our group and they are going to sing with us at the end and their teacher is Ms Tito.
We practise in the library, But sometime it get hot and that we have to go outside and go under the tree and practise. My group is cool because I got all my best friends and we got the best Maori teacher and her name is whaea Sophie.

We practice after lunch time at two o'clock. I like going to kapa haka because my friend and I go hard out when we do the haka and when we sings. After we finish sing and doing the haka we have a break and we get back into it. At three O'clock we go back to class and go home    

Monday, March 25, 2013


Last week my class and I walked down to the Omaru Creek. We went there to go and pick some harakeke (flax) and to learn about the flax and what to do and how to cut the flax.

First we had to sit down and then Miss T our teacher said to the class what to do and what not to do. She said to us you never take the one in the middle.  The child (middle one), parents (first one on either side) and if you cut them the whole plant dies.  She said never cut them at night and when it raining (you never cut then at night because you will not know which one is the baby, mother and father).  So after that Miss T gave us a sharp knife and then we had to get into partners.

My partner was Richard. We Got a good piece of flax for the two of us and it was big. Then when all of the class had their flax, Miss T said to us to line up and walk back to school and sit down and wait. Miss T said to get into a big circle. Then we started to make our a flower out of the harakeke and some of us finished and some of us didn't. But it was fun and I hope we do it again.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Tuakana\Teina ( Big brother of Sister or Little brother and Little Sister

For the past few week room 19 have been to the school library and little students from room 9 have been coming reading to us. So far these past week I have enjoyed and so has my partner and his name is Bobby John his nickname is BJ. BJ doesn't like reading but I encourage him to read, He always stops & waits for me to tell him the word, I would suggest telling him to sound it out , but that doesn't happen. He likes really easy books that toddlers read. I laugh but at the same time that doesn't help him with his reading. When he gets older I hope he's going to be a good reader.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

School Picnc

Walking down to the beach with the whole school of Point England. When we got there we all had to set down.Then after that we all had to go put our bag and then we can go play.

I Play touch with my friends Potaua,Kane,Shayne,Jesiah,and others. I set up a try for Potaua by kicking it up in the air and he catch it. and he put it on the ground and it was a try!!!.

After that I went to the beach to go for a swim. I did so bomb of  the rock and so did the teacher. Then we had to out of the water because our time was up. So I went and had my lunch and then I just lid down it the sun and just went to sleep. 

My friends said to me to get up and come with them and play bull rush so all of the years 8 boy came and we play. All of us ran fast and so ran slow. I was the first one their and I was happy that I did't get out. But so people got out and so did't. After that hard game we all were tired and we just fell on the ground like we just got shot.

And then we had to pack up and go back to school so we could go home. When we were walking Potaua said some funny jokes and I was laughing that I could't stop in still we got back to class. Got back to class and I got my stuff ready and then my teacher said we could go home.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

About Partnership

The Definition of Partnership.
A type of group that includes 2 or more pupils, a spirit of cooperation & respect.
2 people that share & create between another.  

SONG Another Song and a another song:)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Learning about honesty

What is Honesty? This year Pt England School is learning to be “ Better together” Kia pia te kotahi”. In room 19 we have been investigating Love, compassion, honesty Learning about Compassion and tolerance. Ms titio (our teacher) gave us a task to select one of these words to write a definition and present an example of what it means to our class. The reason we are learning about these things are to help us understand ourselves and others so we can be a better person today and in the future.