Friday, April 27, 2012


On Friday my friend Potaua and I and his cousins took a train to town to go to Victoria skate park. When we got there we had to push our bike until we got outside. But we took the elevator instead of walking but we went to the wrong one. We were supposed to go to the one that was by the step so we had to go all the way back down and had to push our bike to the other one. When we got outside there were lots of people walking and driving and lots of police.

But we still went to the skate park. Lots of people got in the way so we start to bike on the road. Potaua's cousin lead the way to the skate park and we followed him. When we got there we were happy.Then Potaua started to do lots of tricks and I started to do tricks too. After we did that it started to get darker so we  started to bike back from town all the way back to Glen Innes. When we got back I brought some hot chips for Potaua and his cousin’s and me. When we were done we all went home.