Monday, December 16, 2013

My Year in Room 19

This year I have been in Room 19 and that's the best class ever. Being in Room 19 has been great. I have enjoyed it this year. This is the last week of school.
lets it go with the flow. Sometime we can make her mad and we all get sacred, but Ms Tito is the best teacher.

It's my last year at Point England School. It's pretty sad because I don't want to leave this nice school. Saying goodbye to all my friends is kind of Ok. But I will miss all the teacher and helpers.

What I want for next year is to have good friends at collage and hope the teachers are cool and I can't wait till I go college.

Thursday, December 12, 2013


My netbook connect to the internet this year is great. The internet has help me on YouTube because I have learnt on YouTube how to install Mods for my games which I didn't know how to. 

And the internet has made thing faster to do because of our netbook it faster cause we don't need to use I our book we can just go on our netbook and do it. And I have learnt on my netbook that Rotorua smell like egg from searching it up on Google.    

My special thing that I have learnt with my teacher is learn Te Reo Maori. The thing is if you don't really know it you can just go on the teams website you can just learn it.

With my friends I have learnt from them how to play games and they have show me on my netbook how to do stuff and they help me on my netbook. The thing about friends is that they always help me. Managing myself on my netbook is sometime hard because I go off track sometime.

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was born in 1918 on July 18.Nelson Mandela was a south Africa. Nelson Mandela was sentenced to prison for encouraging black south Africans to go on strike and for leaving south Africa.

 He went to prison 5 August 1962. Nelson Mandela said I want to be treated like every black person. and he was treated like that. All Nelson Mandela had in his room was just a bucket as his toilet and the ground was his bed. Nelson Mandela stay in prison for 27 year and he was on let out on 2 February 1990. 

He was let out by the police. When Nelson Mandela was let out Nelson Mandela and his wife walk thought the town and everybody was happy that Nelson Mandela was release from jail after being in jail for so long. After Weeks Nelson Mandela went to try to become president of South Afica. After some week Nelson Mandela was chooser to be the president of South Afica and Nelson Mandela was the first black person. 

As Years went by Nelson Mandela was getting old. In 2013 Nelson Mandela was very old he was 95 year old and Nelson Mandela ended up in hosptial being very sick. After weeks Nelson Mandlea was let out of the hosptial. When Nelson Mandela was at home he was stil very sick and one night Nelson Mandela die by age. 
In Memory Of Nelson Mandela. 

Monday, December 2, 2013

Three highlights of my year

My First Highlight:
FiaFia is my first highlight cause I was in the Maori group, it was a lot of fun and it was cool performing in front of people. It was a experience for me because I got to learn moves that are in Maori and the word.

My Second Highlight: 
Touch is my second highlight cause I was in the Year 8 touch team with all of my friends. Our coach was Mr S and he was a Great and a coach that want to win anything. We came second out of all of the school and that was great.

My Third Highlight

KFC is my last highlight and KFC means Kids Fitness Club. Every morning we do training and its so cool