Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Where I'm From

(My Life)
where I’m from boxing is everything
Where I’m from tko is good
Where I’m from family is the best
Where I’m from dog’s all way bark
Where I’m from my dad is my idol.

(Glen Innes)
Where I’m from GI is place where you see a lot of people walking around with there friend's and family.
You can smell the nice food at Mcdonald,Carl’s Jr and KFC.
lot's of time you see car’s passing by and playing loud beat's.

(Pt England School)
Where I’m from I see teacher teaching their student
Where I’m from at morning tea and lunch time my friends and I always play touch.
Where I’m from I always like going out for P.E Sport’s
Where I’m from Pt England is the best school

Where I’m from every day I am always training for boxing
Where I’m from every sunday I run up Mt Wellington at 3:00pm
Where I’m from fighting in the ring mean’s every thinks to me

Where I’m from I see lots of people shopping at Pak’N’Save
Where I’m from I see worker’s working hard for money
Where I’m from People tolley’s are always full

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Going to Rotorua for boxing

So happy to go to Rototua for my boxing championship. Got up at 5:00 Oclock in the morning to go to my trainer house and then from there we go to Rotorua. When we left to go to Rotorua i was feeling a bit sick, so we pull over and had a break.

 After that I felt better again then we left and it took 2 hour and 30 min to get there. When we got there all my friends at boxing was there waiting for me. I was fighting at the Cook Island hall at Rotorua.

I had to go do my weight for my boxing fight, My weight was 41.0 Kg, And that the weight i was see posed to be and I was happy. When I had fishish I went to buy me so food, I brought sushi and it was very nice. I came back to the Cook Island Hall and just waited to see what number my fight was. My number fight  was number 14.

3 hour after that I had to warm up and get ready for my fight. So After the 13th fight I had to go to the ring and wait by the side. When the 13th fight fishish it was my turn.

 When I got in the ring i was very nervous. When the bell ring I rush in there and just started puching the Boy, Still puching the Boy I was starting to  get very tired and I stop puching, When I was not tired anymore I started puching again, Then boom I  knockedout the boy, ( 1......2.....3.....4.......5) the boy got back up and then we started fighting again. then the ref stop the fight. I was so happy that I jump up in the air.

After  my fight I went to go and got some food and then I stay at a hotel. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Rainbow Warrior Bombing

In the 1980 France was carrying out nuclear weapons tests on  small islands in the South Pacific. Greenpeace was preparing to visit Mururoa in French Polynesia to protest about France’s nuclear testing.   

It was a cold night in Auckland, not long before the Rainbow Warrior was due to set off. People from Greenpeace were moored on their ship, the Rainbow Warrior at Marsden Wharf, having a party. Little did they know that two French spies in scuba gear had planted two bomb on the hull of the Rainbow Warrior. One bomb was put on the engine room and the other one was in the propellor.

Suddenly they heard a sound from the water, it  was the bomb that exploded, Then Peter lo,km /.Willcox said ( Abandon ship, Abandon ship,  Abandon ship). After a while police tracked down the two spies and arrested them.