Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fiafia 2013

For the past 5 week we have been practicing for Fiafia. An on the 18th on Thursday we are going to do the haka in front of all our family and friend.

I'm in the kapa haka group, we have little kids in our group and they are going to sing with us at the end and their teacher is Ms Tito.
We practise in the library, But sometime it get hot and that we have to go outside and go under the tree and practise. My group is cool because I got all my best friends and we got the best Maori teacher and her name is whaea Sophie.

We practice after lunch time at two o'clock. I like going to kapa haka because my friend and I go hard out when we do the haka and when we sings. After we finish sing and doing the haka we have a break and we get back into it. At three O'clock we go back to class and go home