Monday, March 25, 2013


Last week my class and I walked down to the Omaru Creek. We went there to go and pick some harakeke (flax) and to learn about the flax and what to do and how to cut the flax.

First we had to sit down and then Miss T our teacher said to the class what to do and what not to do. She said to us you never take the one in the middle.  The child (middle one), parents (first one on either side) and if you cut them the whole plant dies.  She said never cut them at night and when it raining (you never cut then at night because you will not know which one is the baby, mother and father).  So after that Miss T gave us a sharp knife and then we had to get into partners.

My partner was Richard. We Got a good piece of flax for the two of us and it was big. Then when all of the class had their flax, Miss T said to us to line up and walk back to school and sit down and wait. Miss T said to get into a big circle. Then we started to make our a flower out of the harakeke and some of us finished and some of us didn't. But it was fun and I hope we do it again.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Tuakana\Teina ( Big brother of Sister or Little brother and Little Sister

For the past few week room 19 have been to the school library and little students from room 9 have been coming reading to us. So far these past week I have enjoyed and so has my partner and his name is Bobby John his nickname is BJ. BJ doesn't like reading but I encourage him to read, He always stops & waits for me to tell him the word, I would suggest telling him to sound it out , but that doesn't happen. He likes really easy books that toddlers read. I laugh but at the same time that doesn't help him with his reading. When he gets older I hope he's going to be a good reader.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

School Picnc

Walking down to the beach with the whole school of Point England. When we got there we all had to set down.Then after that we all had to go put our bag and then we can go play.

I Play touch with my friends Potaua,Kane,Shayne,Jesiah,and others. I set up a try for Potaua by kicking it up in the air and he catch it. and he put it on the ground and it was a try!!!.

After that I went to the beach to go for a swim. I did so bomb of  the rock and so did the teacher. Then we had to out of the water because our time was up. So I went and had my lunch and then I just lid down it the sun and just went to sleep. 

My friends said to me to get up and come with them and play bull rush so all of the years 8 boy came and we play. All of us ran fast and so ran slow. I was the first one their and I was happy that I did't get out. But so people got out and so did't. After that hard game we all were tired and we just fell on the ground like we just got shot.

And then we had to pack up and go back to school so we could go home. When we were walking Potaua said some funny jokes and I was laughing that I could't stop in still we got back to class. Got back to class and I got my stuff ready and then my teacher said we could go home.