Friday, June 29, 2012


My special place is my bedroom. I like my bedroom because I can relax on my bed and play my Xbox 360. The artist I chose was Henri Matisse. So I had to use bright colours in it because its Henri Matisse style. I used lots of bright colours like yellow, light blue, and lots of other bright colours.
I like my bedroom because I get to do nothing   I feel safe. There is a little TV in my room and there are two beds in my room. There is a medium size couch in my room. I share my room with my sister. Her name is Cheylon. My drawing has patterns on the wall with bright colours on it. And I put a carpet on it with a pattern on it.


Monday, June 18, 2012

Jimmy and Lala

In a land far far away there were two little kids named Jimmy and Lala. They saw a huge red door that took them to the underworld with a dangerous scary devil named Joe. He was the most powerful immortal ever in ancient history. It was because of his most powerful toes that had the Ability to run faster than Usain Bolt. The Next day Jimmy and Lala woke up in a mysterious castle. All they saw was lots of guns full of ak47s, RPG’s, and desert eagles. It was only Jimmy and Lala talking on the devil at MW2. Jimmy grabbed out the RPG and try to get Joe, but he was too fast. The Devil got out a ak47 and started shooting Jimmy. Lala only needing one shot to win this game. In Fact Lala was so Angry that she turn ultimate Hulk and started manny pacquiao the devil. The game was over with Jimmy and Lala becoming the most powerful little kids in ancient history now.

The next morning Jimmy and Lala were hungry. So Jimmy had to hunt so they can survive on food and water. 7 hours been passed and still Jimmy and Lala have found no food. Later on a miracle happen. All the superheroes came, Hulk, Spider Man, Thor, and all the Marvel and Dc character. They all had a feed together to Celebrate the death of the Devil, Joe. Soon Enough a bright light came and woke up Jimmy. It was a god. “come alone Jimmy” Zeus said. He went off leaving Lala behind so he can save the world from becoming a dirty trash. Lala was left alone afraid that something bad was going to happen.

Later on Lala and the avengers were on a mission to find one of the most horrible men Smoke, and Ryder. They were both heading towards the jets to make a run away. One second, Iron Man came out of nowhere and blew up the jet. The world was saved from Jimmy. And that was the ending of the story. “what what what” I forgot to tell you something Jimmy and Lala both got married to each other.